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Designer Interview – Gisele Ganne

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Giselle Ganne
Gisele Ganne says that we have jewelry for most major life events, so why not have jewelry for divorce and mourning? When you hear her put it that way, her dark themes don’t seem so surprising. Gisele cites the Latin phrase “memento mori” (remember your mortality) as inspiration, noting that death and darkness are part of life, so it makes sense to confront and honor them. Gisele’s striking designs and materials bring light and splendor to these dark issues, allowing us to see the beauty in these challenging subjects. Florence Welch seems to agree – she is a huge fan of the collection, and Gisele explains why she is the perfect Gisele Ganne woman.

Giselle Ganne's Collection

Alexander Mc Queen quote
Alexander McQueen quote that summarises Gisele's work

Bird of Prey Fur Necklace

Gisele's Insipiration
Galerie de paléontologie in Paris; a source of inspiration for Gisele

Divorce Ring
Divorce Ring with Pink Stone

Florence Welch
The Hiding Treasure Double Ring as seen on Florence Welch

La Gazza Ladra Pearl Necklace
La Gazza Ladra Pearl Necklace
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