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Sophie Emmett
“Fashion is always accompanied by accessories of emotion and purpose “
Gisele Gianne is one of the most talented up and coming jewellers in London. Her pieces are formed with such passion, that they have an ability to create an intimacy between that of the wearer and viewer, then there is Emma Yeo who’s signature “Biomorphics” expresses a hybrid design philosophy through sophisticated hands on craftsmanship, to that of millinery.
Did you both know that you were always going to end up in the accessories field?
Gisele Ganne:To be a jeweller wasn’t a straight journey. I knew that I wanted to be a designer since I was 3 but to design what was harder to answer. I started art school at 18 with the idea to be a Walt Disney Cartoonist. After 3 years, I wanted to change for product design. Still not happy after 3 years of product design school, I applied to the Royal College of Art to do jewellery. The 2 years at the RCA were amazing and I really find myself as a jewellery designer and I absolutely love it!

Emma Yeo:I prefer to describe myself, as a designer who makes ‘headwear’ my background isn’t in Millinery, I studied textiles & jewellery. However ‘wearable objects’ have always fascinated me. The contemporary designers such as Philip Treacy drew my attention to millinery. Recently I have i become fascinated by the traditional craft.

Since graduating has your transition from student to self-employed Jeweller been smooth sailing or a struggle?
Gisele Ganne:I have been very lucky! Since I graduated. Things have been amazing! Press picked up on me at the degree show and since then it never stop! Don’t get me wrong; it is a lot of work! I
Never stop but it is worth it!

Lol! I wouldn’t say smooth, but I would say unexpected and enjoyable & have appreciated every opportunity that I have been offered.  
The darker sides of life, such as death, divorce and heartache, influence your collections Gisele. Do you believe your aesthetic; To be that of finding the beauty within the sorrow?
I will quote ALEXANDER MCQUEEN (my idol btw) by saying: " It is important to look at death because it is a part of life. It is a sad thing, melancholic but romantic at the same time. It is the end of a cycle- everything has to end. The cycle of life is positive because it gives room for new things".

My favourite pieces from the amazing divorce rings, do you have a particular key piece or design that you love from your collections?
Gisele Ganne:My entire collection is. I put so much effort, work and emotion on each one. Each piece means a lot to me and are kind of a part of me.

Emma how would you describe your Aesthetic?
Emma Yeo:Contemporary, elegant & edgy, composed from a fusion of organic & architectural silhouettes.  The underlying drive to my designs is how I explore traditional craftsmanship & new technology to tailor unexpected wearable forms.

Do your own personal styles reflect that of your designs?
Gisele Ganne:My jewellery is definitely more extravagant than my style but I have to say that I design for myself first. I won’t launch a design if it is not something I would like to wear.
Undoubtedly there is a strong design style to my pieces, but I like to think each piece or collection I make appeals towards a different type of woman or characteristics that we each my chose to express.

Emma your pieces are being worn by the likes of lady gaga, whom else would you love to see in a hat?
Emma Yeo:That’s quite a hard question but I think at the moment I would most love to make a piece for Katie Middleton, & when I’m braver of course DAPHNE GUINNESS!

In terms of accessorising what do you believe will be the next big trend?
Gisele Ganne:That’s confidential!! See my new collection, which will be launched in couple of months!

Emma Yeo:With the Olympics coming up their will be plenty of opportunity to get more & more expressive with your headwear, I think big, bold & splash of humour!

What can we expect from you in 2012?
Gisele Ganne:A NEW COLLECTION, more press, celebrities wearing my jewellery and more stockists. I just hope to grow my brand and to be an internationally renowned jewellery and accessories business.

Emma Yeo:New & extraordinarily individual works! Possibly a hint of humour!

If you had to describe your newest collection via a piece of music, what would it be?
Gisele Ganne:The entire album of Florence Welch “CEREMONIALS”! Love it!!

Emma Yeo:Really hard, but I think perhaps the AW12 (couture collection) ‘solitary motion’ could be described by Spiegel, I’m Spiegel by Arvo Part.

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