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Spotlight On Gisèle Ganne

Gisèle Ganne is a talented up and coming jewellery designer whose unique collections stand out from the rest. Her creations have featured in dozens of big publication photo shoots and worn by top celebrities.  And she’s only been at it for 3 years.

As you know, we’re great admirers of fabulousness here at Styloko, so we were very excited to get the opportunity to ask her a few questions.
“Your jewellery has adorned the likes of Eve, Ke$sha, and Lady Gaga, and has featured in shoots from Vogue to Wonderland, and even Metro, to name but a few.  This is an exciting time for you, what’s next?
Since I launched my first collection in 2008, it has been fantastic!! It’s always amazing to see your jewellery on celebrities and in magazines!!  I am very pleased how things are going and would like to continue in this direction, so hopefully more celebrities and magazines are next.
I am also working on a new collection that I will launch in October and if I have the choice, what’s next will be to see more of my designs on Lady Gaga, Daphne Guinness and Gwen Stefani.  I would love to see my jewellery in the next Tim Burton movie as well.  You never know, dreams can come true, they have so far!!

Your designs are so unique and the collection titles are even more so, with evocative names like The Black Widow, The New Amazon and Divorce Jewellery.  Could you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind them?
It all started at the RCA when I saw the movie “The Rules of Attraction” in which there is an amazing suicide scene.  A girl is in her bath, she takes off one ring, puts it to one side , then a second one and another then finishes with a rasor blade.  It was so beautiful and interesting to see the relation between jewellery and death that I start researching funeral rituals and death. I discovered victorian mourning jewellery which I fell in love with. From there my first collection The Black Widow was born,  where each piece tells a story about the deceased and their widow.

But for me mourning wasn’t just about dead people but also dead friendship, relationships and marriage so the natural next step was Divorce Jewellery.  Once you divorce, you need to find another perfect husband, to hunt for the perfect man, from which came the Hunting Man and more recently, The New Amazon collections.
For me, the jewellery box tells the story of a life: you have jewellery for your birth, your birthday, some from ex-boyfriend, some from holidays, an engagement ring, a wedding ring….  Jewellery for each happy moment in you life.  Life is not just full of happy moments,  there are also the bad ones and I guess my jewellery illustrated those (death, separation, divorce….).

I will quote ALEXANDER MCQUEEN (my idol by the way): ” It is important to look at death because it is a part of life. It is a sad thing, melancholic but romantic at the same time. It is the end of a cycle- everything has to end. The cycle of life is positive because it gives room for new things”.
Is creating something unique a big part of your focus when designing?
Yes of course, I like the fact that my jewellery is exclusive and unique! It gives more freedom to inspiration and to come up with amazing designs. To be commercial is in a way so restrictive that it wouldn’t feel right for me.

Where do you get your best ideas?
Everywhere and everything!  I have a massive folder in my computer untitled inspiration.  It is full of everything and i like to browse it from time to time to get some inspiration.  And strangely enough, I often get ideas while in the bath, I should think about to setting up my office in my bathroom!

Is there a typical Gisèle Ganne woman or man?
Not really.  It is someone who fell in love with the pieces.

How would you define good design, jewellery or otherwise?
Same answer: you know it’s good when someone falls in love with it!”

We can’t wait for Gisèle’s next collection.  If you’d like to view her collections and find out stockist information, please visit her website.
Thanks Khaleb!!

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