Tuesday, 7 June 2011



Beautiful Endings with Designer Gisele Ganne
There is a story to be found behind every piece of jewelry we wear, even going beyond the usual romance-laden engagement rings and diamond anniversary bracelets to a symbolic way to wear the end of a time in life, be it withering relationships of even life itself. Gisele Ganne is the inspired designer behind these metallic farewell facades.
“I have always been attracted by the dark side!” says Ganne. “I am obsessed with skulls and skeletons of any kind. But it really started after watching The Rules of Attraction— there is an amazing scene of suicide! I thought it was so beautiful that I wanted to do something around it, so I started to research about death, funerals and other customs as mourning jewelry.”
Gisele Ganne’s modern interpretation of mourning and memorial jewelry, last glorified during the likes of the Victorian era, comes to celebrate and exalt the painful and beautiful ends to life’s cycles. In her mourning jewelry line, you can find the Bird of Prey ring, a stunning example of just how elegant these symbols of death can be, and one of her favorite pieces in her collection. Using leather, silver, foam and even touches of human hair, the jewelry designer is able to bring that delicate appreciation for life’s closing ceremonies to new heights through her beautiful execution and poignant last symbols.
In a time when these same mementos serve as reminders of love and lust, Gisele pulls inspiration from villages that still forge their meaning in these same mourning symbols, making the process of letting go look so stylish. Stay tuned for her upcoming collection debut during fashion week, and check out more of her work on her website.
— By Mandy Spivey

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